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Producing More Confident People
Stop smoking, reduce Stress, Return to your ideal weight. Eliminate the things that harm your mind and body with proven hypnotherapy sessions from Loretta Holt in Sacramento, California. Loretta Holt Hypnotherapy is the clinical hypnotherapist to know when you decide to take your life back from cigarettes, stress, and other disadvantages. Call her office today for an initial consultation.

Stress & Anxiety
Stress can be caused by many factors, including emotional and dietary deficiency, work, relationships. childhood traumas, etc.Loretta works with you to determine your stress and how it affects your life. Are you losing sleep? Is your heart rate elevated? Is your memory not like it used to be.? Are you short tempered, gaining weight, low on energy?   These are some of the stress-related problems she can help you solve as your clinical hypnotherapist. Loretta can also help you feel more confident as a lover, parent, and person.

Weight Loss
When you come to see Loretta she will conduct an interview covering ideal weight, specific food problems, eating behaviors, self sabotage, confidence & self esteem and the benefits to you and much more to form a plan of action. Other factors she considers are your portion sizes and motivation as well as the cause of weight gain. Benefits of weight loss is important. Loretta will design a program to help best achieve your goals. Some of the ways she helps is by having you drink more water, make better dining choices, motivation to exercise and providing weekly follow up sessions to keep you accountable and self-confident during your weight loss journey.

Relax, Yoga


Substance Abuse

Smoking Cessation
Stop smoking now. It doesn't matter if you've been smoking for 1 year or 50 years—Loretta can help you stop smoking. She will go through an interview process with you that covers things like what is hypnosis and how it works, how much you smoke, why you smoke, how old you were when you started smoking, and why you want to stop smoking to help you eliminate the smoking habit and inner conflict. The smoking program includes 3 smoking cessation hypnotherapy sessions. Some people are able to quit after the first session. This amazes most because they do so with less stress and without switching to another vice such as over eating etc..The other 2 sessions are designed to ensure you've stopped smoking permanently.

Fears & Phobias
Most of these are created when you are a child. The instance can be minor, but when it happens again and again it may become more intense and create a phobia. A phobia is something that can cause rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, and the feeling of not being able to move your limbs. When dealing with a phobia, Loretta usually designs a program of 3 hypnotherapy sessions.

Depression can be brought on by many things, including the death of a loved one, job loss, life changes, and regret. The symptoms of depression include poor eating and sleeping habits and mistreatment of others or your self.   Many clients have found using hypnotherapy may decrease or eliminate the need for medication. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
More than 200 million Americans experience PTSD each year. The emotional and physical reactions are found in children, adults, and military personnel, causing many to establish chemical dependency for severe to mild PTSD. Symptoms appear immediately to months afterward, and they can be passing or disabling to those affected. Call Loretta if you're experiencing any of the following:

• Alcohol Abuse • Flashbacks • Poor Health & Eating Habits • Sadness
• Amnesia • Confusion • Fatigue • Numbness
• Anger & Aggression • Guilt or Self-Blame • Relationship Problems • Lack of Sleep
• Avoidance & Denial

Pain Management
Backaches, IBS, migraines, and arthritis are just some of the many pains that can affect anyone. Loretta provides a free consultation some of the topics covered are what the causes may be for your pain. She gives you the tools to relieve your pain through hypnotherapy. A deep relaxation will cause your muscles to relax. If you associate pain with something pleasant, it's more likely to be less severe than if associated with a negative factor or outcome.