Sacramento Childr Teen Hypnotherapy

Loretta Holt Hypnotherapy is taking a look at what our children and teens are up against these days and how we can help. Shouldn’t it be our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

They are the Future!

What is your child or teen doing right now? Do you know?   How are they feeling?  Are they withdrawn, angry, shy, experiencing pressure from out side influences?  Have they experienced traumatic events?  Dealing with a broken home?  Have they gained weight?  Lost interest? Overwhelmed?  Are they already self medicating?  I know it sounds harsh but its reality.  Do you know?

Children are extremely programmable.  A child is in the alpha brain wave most of the time.  A programmable state of mind.  They come into this world open and excited and fearless.  Then we domesticate them. They begin to be programmed.  We teach them everything they know and do, so let us teach them what will bring them the life they truly desire and deserve.   When we say “you are beautiful” they feel beautiful, when we say” you are so intelligent” they know they are.  But when we say, “why don’t you do better like your brother or sister?” or “you never do as well as you should” or “that is not good enough” well then you know what happens!

You felt the shift just reading the difference in the comments.

So If you want to make sure your child is healthy strong confident and successful… TEACH THEM TO BE! TELL THEM THEY ARE!  Tell them they are beautiful wonderful and challenge oriented.

Children even unborn and new born babies pick up all that is going on around them. Stress, Anxiety, Fear, etc.  So we must be careful what we say and do around them.

Children encounter many of the same types of problems as adults, plus an entire spectrum of their own.

In the same way that adults use hypnosis in the following areas, children may also be helped.  Self Confidence, Weight Loss, Stuttering, Procrastination, Focus and Concentration, Nail Biting, Poor Sleeping Habits etc..

Children also have their own list of situations that Loretta can help with.

Bed Wetting, Conduct at School or Home, Thumb Sucking, General Learning, Study Habits,  Disrespect, Getting Along With Others, Making New Friends,  Loudness, Anger, Insecurity, Fear, Separation Anxiety, Hyperactive,  Nervous Habits Etc..

The list is unlimited

Current Approach to ADD

In the past the normal treatment for children with ADD and ADHD was to place them on medication.  Too often the result was a class room filled with Zombies.  The child sat quietly but still had difficulty concentrating.  Years ago ADD and ADHD was viewed primarily as a conduct problem.  The action was taken to add more discipline to the child.

Currently using Hypnotherapy with children has proven to be very successful in helping in these areas.

Listed here is the possible outcome that a parent might anticipate seeing after hypnotherapy.  All benefits may not be present in all children.

The child is happier.  An elimination or decrease in medication that is required.  Improved Concentration, Self Confidence greatly improved, teachers almost immediately notice instant change.  Your child or teen will have more self control.  School performance is documented by enhanced grades.  The child looks at the future with anticipation!

Parents report that their children actually start participating again in family dinners, conversations, outings etc…

Parents relax more and get to once again enjoy their relationship with their loved one without so much stress, concerns, conflicts at school.  Instead of the dreaded Phone calls Teachers conferences. Notes and emails coming home are now positive and uplifting.

If this is the case, if these are some of the signs you see with your child or teen Loretta and Hypnotherapy could be your saving grace.

Don’t get Frustrated or Angry Get Help….Take your child back…!!

Loretta seems to have a very special connection with children and teens.   She works wonderfully with adults but this seems to be a specialty of hers.  There is no greater gift than to watch a child realize that they truly can be and do anything! That they are enough!  To see them realize they are not stuck in someone’s category and unable to move forward is truly a Joy.

Loretta offers a Free consultation.  This allows you and your child or teen to meet her and decide for yourself if this is for you.

From Social anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Pediatric, anger management,  to helping them with their self esteem. We are the people for you. Located in Sacramento, CA.