Loretta suggests alternative solutions to making your New Year resolutions stick!!

As your new year begins so does another set of New Years Resolutions.  What is a resolution?  It is a course of action determined or decided.  People decide to set a New Years Resolution because it is the beginning of a New Year.  We look back on what we have or have not accomplished over the past year and decide what we want to accomplish this next year.  Some people want to begin 2018 by eating correctly.  Lose weight.     Begin working out.  Some people want to make better life choices.  Eliminate Self Sabotage.

Perhaps they want to quit smoking.  Quit drinking.  Change jobs.  Go back to school.

So… we have the right ideas.  Good intentions.  We really do know how we want to look and feel.  How good we feel when we are at our ideal weight.  How we feel in our favorite jeans.  How our body responds with less stress, better food choices and better sleep.    We are excited and we set out to accomplish our goals…..1st week for most goes pretty well.  Perhaps even that first month, your on track  feeling better,  losing a  little weight  and then you miss your workout or you go out to dinner and you may say” I will go to the gym tomorrow” “next time I won’t eat so much.” “Next time I will do better, tomorrow I will get back on track.”  “Just 1 more cigarette and then I will quit.”         Sound familiar?

We may easily fall back into the same old pattern.  Why?  Because, it’s a habit!


Now you can start making the right choices, easily and without much effort.  Decide what you want to accomplish and eliminate the sabotaging behavior.  You will very simply create new habits.  Hypnotherapy helps you to do just that.

Loretta offers a free consultation.  She will cover during this time, what is hypnotherapy and how does it work.  Removing any misconceptions you may have.  The free consultation also gives you an opportunity to meet Loretta and establish a comfort level that is needed to work together.   After deciding to finally start moving in the direction of your dreams, Loretta will conduct an interview gathering the information needed to design a program for you to accomplish your goals.

What does a program consist of?

Loretta’s non smoking program consists of 3 sessions (recorded live on CD).   This program will help you reduce stress, address your eating habits, and weight control, as well as quit smoking.  You really don’t want to change vices or gain weight when you quit smoking.

Her success rate over the years is in the low to mid 90’s.

What are Loretta’s Clients saying?


“It only took one session with Loretta to transform my life for the better.  I was overstressed, overweight, binge eating, and drinking several times a week.  On a scale from 1 to 10 my stress level was an 11.  After the first session, it decreased to a 2.  I’d struggled with my weight for almost 3 years, but after the first session I lost 5 pounds in a week, and continue to lose weight.  My food choices were healthier almost 100% of the time, I returned to the gym several times as week, and ate about 1/3 of the amount of food I was consuming prior to meeting Loretta.  While I would usually have several alcoholic drinks a week, I decreased to ONE SIP in the last two weeks, which was more than enough.

On top of all that, my “mind chatter” disappeared almost completely, I have absolutely no negative thoughts about anything, and I don’t wake up fighting morning.

I never thought all this would be possible, and that I’d be able to change so many aspects of my life this quickly, but I have and I would strongly strongly encourage everyone else to try hypnotherapy.  I can’t thank Loretta enough!”


Carmichael, Ca.

If you are really ready to start making the right choices and having the life you desire and deserve call Now for a Free Consultation… Take back control of your life