Everyone stops smoking at some point! Either the smoker stops the smoking or the smoking stops the smoker!
I want to ensure the smoker stops the smoking.

There is nothing that can be said about the ill effects of cigarettes that you have not already heard more than once in your life time. What you may not know is hypnotherapy is one of the easiest ways to quit smoking! You were not addicted to cigarettes after taking that first true inhalation of a cigarette but over time it just became automatic. Yes a habit! You found yourself automatically reaching for a cigarette when you were stressed, bored, lonely, socializing, fearful etc…

Do you smoke for stress relief or to provide a break in your activity? Perhaps it is from work or some other activity. The act of simply stopping what you are doing, lighting up and inhaling deeply, does several things.

The cigarette allows you to take a physical break from what ever you are doing.

Taking in a deep breath to inhale the cigarette is, in itself, a relaxing exercise. When you light up you look forward to a few moments of pleasure. It could be alone time for some.

You smoke to nurture yourself. I have heard many people refer to their cigarettes as their best friend. Maybe you are home most of the time. Perhaps you feel cut off from the outside world. The companionship of your cigarette lessens those feelings of isolation and loneliness. Perhaps you feel ignored. Maybe you are experiencing a change a transition in your life. Many have felt that their dependency on these “friends” their cigarettes become stronger. In the absence of any other support group!! Your smokes are there!

You may smoke because you are uncomfortable socially. At parties cigarettes can serve as a kind of bond, pulling you into a group of people. Cigarettes can be an ice breaker for some.

You may smoke to control your weight.

Cigarettes do suppress the appetite. You may use cigarettes to control another habit-over eating,

So yes we have found many reasons people smoke.

So now ask yourself the Benefits of Quitting.

No one enjoys kissing an ash tray. So you will be more kissable. You will enjoy

Better Health. Your Lungs will clear; your breathing will be easier.   Your energy will increase. The smell around you will be better. You will once again taste your food.

You will no longer feel socially uncomfortable in areas where you can not smoke. You will save money. YES you will save money. How much will you save? Well depending upon how much you smoke you could save a great deal.

So do the math!

Let us say you smoke 1 pack a day. 1 pack of cigarettes is approximately $6.70 x 365 days a year = $2,445.50    1 Pack a day in a ten year period you will spend approximately $24,445.00.  

2 Packs a day =$4,891.00 a year

2 Packs a day in a ten year period = $ 48,910.00

Now most people I meet smoke from 1 to 2 packs a day.   Some of you may spend a bit more and some of you a bit less. What ever amount you came up with that is not even close.

So let’s not stop there.

Now let’s add in increased Medical Insurance, Life Insurance premiums, increased dental costs, lighters, cleaning products, car detailing, deodorant, mouth wash, mints. Whatever you may use to mask the smell.  So if you truly want to know what they are robbing you of. Take a few moments and grab a calculator. You may want to be sitting down!

Well there is good news!! You no longer need to be a prisoner. You no longer have to be kicked around by that cigarette company that doesn’t care anything about you or your family. They are making a fortune off smokers!!!

Hypnosis works!

Loretta not only specializes in helping people to stop smoking but she will assist you in addressing the reasons you do smoke and reasons you might be afraid to quit. She includes in your customized program lowering your stress level, addressing any concerns around overeating or switching vices, bumping up your water intake. Increasing your confidence, motivation to exercise etc…

So call now for your free consultation.

Take your Power Back.

Fire the Cigarette Company that is stealing your money

And your life!