Loretta is a skilled, genuine, and caring hypnotherapist. She has taken the time necessary to understand me and what I need from the therapy. Her positive approach and true compassion are a big help. She has gone above and beyond to address various issues (some very serious) for me and my wife and the results have been life changing, sometimes feeling like an immediate energetic reset, a huge relief when I needed it most. My wife and I are incredibly grateful for Loretta’s expertise and support over the years. Highly recommended!

– Bart M.

I have suffered for years with PTSD, headaches, body dysmorphia, panic attacks, etc. Most of this has stemmed from an abusive childhood all the way into adulthood. Through the years I have been to numerous therapist without any relief. I had someone recommend hypnotherapy rather than regular talk therapy, he recommended Loretta Holt and for me to give her a try. I have to say without a doubt hypnotherapy has been a godsend; my PTSD, headaches, panic attacks,etc. have disappeared.

For anyone that feels like you are not getting results with conventional talk therapy please try hypnotherapy with Loretta Holt, I think you will be amazed how well it works.

– Tyler

It only took one session with Loretta to transform my life for the better. I was overstressed, overweight, binge eating, and drinking several times a week. On a scale from 1 to 10 my stress level was an 11. After the first session, it decreased to a 2. I’d struggled with my weight for almost 3 years, but after the first session I lost 5 pounds in a week, and continue to lose weight. My food choices were healthier almost 100% of the time, I returned to the gym several times as week, and ate about 1/3 of the amount of food I was consuming prior to meeting Loretta. While I would usually have several alcoholic drinks a week, I decreased to ONE SIP in the last two weeks, which was more than enough.

On top of all that, my “mind chatter” disappeared almost completely, I have absolutely no negative thoughts about anything, and I don’t wake up fighting morning.

I never thought all this would be possible, and that I’d be able to change so many aspects of my life this quickly, but I have and I would strongly strongly encourage everyone else to try hypnotherapy. I can’t thank Loretta enough!

– Maggie H.

Ms. Holt is very gifted, knowledgeable and approachable with a desire to help people.

– Mary Ann H.

Real Life Changes!!

Words From a 15 year old Client

Its only been a about a year with Loretta and she has completely changed my life for the better. Before meeting Loretta , I was a depressed, obsessive compulsive angry person who had extremely high anxiety. But after only eight sessions of her hypnotherapy I have been a happy relaxed person who has his OCD completely under control. I even had my best football season ever!!

Loretta has been amazing for me and everyone close to me. My family and my trusted friends view Loretta as an Angel, and I do as well. We think this because one lady, without any medication’s help, cured me of my issues; something 3 other therapists were unable to do. She did this all in under a year. So for you reading this, I hope you give Loretta a chance to help you. She is a great therapist and an even better woman. I promise you if you follow through with some sessions, you will be extremely happy with the results.

– Tommy M.

OverComing Fears and Phobias

I met with Loretta to get some help with my anxiety and fear of flying. As a result of our sessions together I am able to travel by plane in a relaxed and calm state of mind. I have continued to use the CD’s she made of our time together to help me to relax and wind down after a hectic day. I was thoroughly impressed with Loretta’s professionalism. She truly cares about her clients

– B.G.

More Success!

I have tried losing weight off & on for years. I saw an add in the news paper for hypnosis to loose weight. I was nervous but thought what the heck! So I called to get some info over the phone & spoke to Loretta. I felt so at ease & comfortable speaking with her. Her soft & relaxing voice enticed me to try hypnotherapy. She made my experience very comfortable in that she explained everything before she did anything! I was so excited when the session was over because I felt that it really worked! She kept telling me I would know that it worked by my behaviors. When I met with her the next week I had lost 3 1/2 pounds! I couldn’t wait to go back to do this again. I choose to do 3 sessions & listen to my CD’s she gave me. I lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks. I now have lost 20 lbs and am still on track. People are noticing & want to know how I am loosing weight I told them I was hypnotized & strongly recommend it. It’s amazing how it works. I have not even wanted or desired many of the things I ate before! Water is my best friend and I don’t think twice about drinking it! Loretta is awesome. She has the best voice for hypnotherapy and is fun and easy to talk to.. DON’T KNOCK IT UNTIL YOU TRY IT!

– L.B.

Mother that found help for her 16 year daughter

I brought my 16 year old daughter into see Loretta for Trichotillimania (Hair pulling), my daughter has Asperger’s Syndrome as well. Not only did the hair pulling symptoms decrease, but I also noticed her being more social and positive at home.

I recommend Loretta Holt Hypnotherapy to everyone who is struggling with an anxious teen!

– M.D.

Loretta will ease you into a place of peace, serenity, and make you feel so comfortable with the process. She customizes her programs to you specifically to deal with any issues you wish to confront and sends you home with CD’s to listen to again and again for reinforcement between sessions. You will have remarkable results. It’s a fabulous therapy and one that does work.

She is extremely professional and accommodating so I recommend her highly without any reservations on the process and no doubt you will get the results you want if you work the program!

– Diana P.

I have been addicted to tobacco smoking for 39 years and Loretta Holt helped me in a painless, withdrawless fashion.

You have to want to, you have to be willing to let her do her thing, you have to do your part and it works.

There are no addicts worse than I, I tried everything. I wish I did THIS decades ago but I am glad I got to it. Better late….thanks Loretta.

– Alan H.

I still owe Miss Loretta a thank you note for helping me steer my life in the right direction after being stuck for years. I just returned from a trip to Hawaii to visit my daughter- something I could have never done without Loretta’s help. The anxiety before my trip had me almost paralyzed, but after a couple sessions, I even flew back with no medication.

– Margaret T.

Loretta holt hypnotherapy gave me my life back and helped me in ways I never thought possible. She has the answers that the doctors and psychiatrist dont have. When your ready to take your life back and start living again and being happy again, go see Loretta.

– Rocklin Y.

I have been working with Loretta hypnotherapy for over 6 years. She has helped me through a lot of different stages of my life. Weight loss, passed life, current life issues, anxiety, depression, and so much more. The way I explain hypnosis to my friends and family is, just imagine someone telling you positive things over and over again while you are half asleep, still aware but feel like you are resting. She is a positive and healing person that can connect with you and your needs. She takes you to the next leave of awareness. Hypnotherapy is a service that helps you help yourself. You will leave her office feeling refreshed, well rested and happy. She sends you home with a recording to listen to before bed. This is a plus because you can work on yourself every single day. I know that the universe had us cross paths for a reason. This is the only form of therapy that has worked for me. You should try it! You won’t regret it 🙂

– Neialia B.

Loretta Holt does a great job at making you feel comfortable, well informed about Hypnotherapy and what it can do for you. She customized a program that helped me reach my goals for eliminating issues with criticizing other drivers on road. She was very professional, organized and was more that willing to work around my busy work schedule. She works very closely with you to help eliminate any self-sabotage! I would high recommend Loretta for any behavior changes you would like to make.

– Hal H.

When I first met Loretta, my first impression was that of a confident, caring woman. I immediately felt like I could trust her and felt comfortable doing hypnosis with her. After discussing the things I wanted to work on, she took the time to review the session we would do and how we would proceed. She did a great job with the initial relaxation and soon I was in a deeply relaxed state of hypnosis. I heard most of what she said yet wasn’t too focused upon her exact words as I trusted that my subconscious mind was absorbing her positive suggestions. After what seemed like just a short time (although it was actually twice as long as I had thought) I felt wonderful as she counted me back up and then handed me a CD recording of my session. It was great having the recording to play again at home for reinforcement. I was so impressed that I decided to continue with her by completing a program that I recommend for everyone, as once is just not enough! Like everything, it did require me to take responsibility for my own process as the hypnosis CDs supercharge my efforts for change. The program allowed me to do many different types of sessions. Sometimes I just listened and drifted deeply, while other times I responded to her questions during a regression. I highly recommend her services for whatever issue you wish to address. Additional benefits were sleeping better, feeling more relaxed and so much more. Give it a try if you have ever wanted to explore the experience of hypnosis.

– David G.

This is a fabulous place to get hypnotherapy. i went in for my first session a little sceptical, but within the first session i was already seeing improvements in my social anxiety and other mental discontents. the office is very clean and relaxing and has a good feel to it. i thought “there’s no way she’s going to be able to put me under hypnosis” but loretta has a very soothing voice and before i knew it i was in a deep kind of meditative state. i highly recommend loretta for any psychological issues you may be having 🙂

– Danielle P.