How many diets have you tried? How many new products come out all of the time? We hope and pray and buy new ones ….maybe this one or that one will work!!!

Do you feel out of control? Do you feel deprived when you are on a diet? You are really trying to lose weight. You really do want to look and feel great. But you find yourself sabotaging your very own success. If you say yes to any of the earlier or following questions, then weight loss hypnotherapy in Sacramento, CA, might be the solution for you!

Do you eat when you are stressed?
Do you eat to reward yourself?
Do you eat to lessen or negate an unpleasant experience?
Do you over eat so that you are not attracting attention?
Do you eat when you are bored?
Do you eat when you are lonely?
Do you eat when you are afraid?

Have you ever achieved your weight loss goals in the past only to gain the weight back over time and sometimes even more?

Are you tired of not wanting to go out or possibly enter into a relationship, feeling uncomfortable socially and or privately?

Do you have the cutest skinny jeans or little black dress or the perfect slacks just waiting for you to climb into them…. bumping that self confidence even higher?

Summer is just around the corner and it is a cute bikini or shorts that you really want to greet the beach in!

How can a clinical hypnotherapist help with weight loss?

First, find the right person to work within a comfortable and safe environment.

Loretta offers free consultations. She will spend approximately 2 hours with you the first session covering what is hypnosis and how it works. Assuring you understand and feel comfortable then she will conduct an interview, reviewing with you your situation lifestyle, stress, confidence self-esteem, motivation, food choices and struggles, exercise, sleep habits, and your childhood programming, etc.

The motivation and benefits to YOU achieving and maintaining your ideal weight! Spending time with you getting to know you is important. Loretta designs a personalized program for each client…so the first time with her is usually around 2 hours. Loretta records the hypnotherapy sessions live as she is conducting them with you for your support at home between sessions.

It is not always about just our food choices portion sizes and lack of exercise that causes a weight issue! So make sure you are with someone that can address the deeper issues, someone you are comfortable talking with.

Your subconscious mind is a great deal stronger than your conscious mind. It is only through a permanent change in this part of your mind that you will experience a permanent change in your life-changes that come automatically!

We address stress and or anxiety as well as discovering the blocks and removing them, Resolving Inner Conflict. Positive hypnotic suggestion helps to release the desire for the foods that are causing you problems and reduce portion sizes. We increase the desire for water as well as motivation to exercise. Reducing or eliminating stress will help with sleep and your energy increases. We all know when we sleep better the next day is always better!

It is always important to remove the negative programming we bring forth from our childhood, Loretta specializes in inner child therapy, etc.. and she is very good at doing just that! When you are at your ideal weight you feel more sexually attractive.

Think back to when you were at your ideal weight. You fit into the clothes you enjoyed wearing. You felt attractive and comfortable allowing the real you to come forward!  No need to hide. You find your self more open to meeting that great guy or girl! Feeling so much more comfortable and confident more sexy in your own skin! Even more playful.

Hypnosis Helps with weight loss management. You have the cutest skinny body wanting out with the help of our certified hypnotherapist. CALL LORETTA NOW, in Sacramento, CA.