Do you ever feel like you have tried everything and nothing works or it isn’t a permanent fix?  The doubts, fears, anxiety, stress worries, panic attacks, weight, habits or old behaviors return.

Do you ever feel you are not enough or as good as you should be or want to be?


Hypnosis is a process that simply guides you through brain waves that you naturally go in and out of daily.

Hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic tool that can be used to create profound changes in one’s behavioral or attitudinal patterns.  It can be used to alleviate stress, to reduce or eliminate unwanted addiction to foods, smoking, alcohol or other substances.  To build confidence and self esteem, increase focus and concentration improve sleeping habits and much more.

Hypnosis can be amazingly effective and often is directly responsible for major changes in an individual’s life.

Hypnosis has been associated over the years with the mysterious and strange.

The truth is you are always in complete control.  You have literally been in s state of trance, hypnotic state, thousands of times.  You simply didn’t notice it because it seemed such a natural state of mind.  Chances are at one time or another you have been driving in your car and zoned out, day dreaming thinking of something else and then you have found yourself at or even beyond your exit.  Or you have suddenly found yourself driving 20 minutes further down the road than you remember.  Wondering how you got there without moving out of your lane.  This is common, everything you have learned good and bad. Positive and negative is stored in your subconscious mind.  The skill of driving is stored in your subconscious mind, there for when your conscious mind day dreams, drifts off, it allows your subconscious mind to become more active.  When your attention is needed to change lanes etc. your conscious mind becomes alert again.

It is quite easy to drift from an alert state into a different level of consciousness. Day dreaming is just the first trance state.


When you are in a trance state you are receptive to hypnotic suggestion.

Hypnotherapy guides you into the different trance states (Brain Wave Patterns).

Suggestions are given while in a deep relaxation state. Suggestions are as effective as your desire to achieve them.

Through hypnosis you can address the problem on all levels of awareness, from the conscious desire to change, to the subconscious reasons for continuing or discontinuing the behavior.

In this state of focused concentration an individual is able to find Inner Strength they may not know they have.

In this trance state the therapist can suggest ways an individual may accomplish their goals.

A person using hypnosis can modify behavior.  This could be compared to running a virus program on a computer infected with a virus.  VIRUS OUT!!

Is It Safe?

You are always in complete control.  Willingness is the key factor.

Unless you are willing, you can not be hypnotized.

Hypnosis is in no way harmful.  You cannot be made to quack like a duck. This can be accomplished as in stage hypnosis but one needs to volunteer.   You can not stay frozen in trance and never come out.

No, you will not do anything you do not want to do.  You can not be made to violate your own values or do anything that goes against your moral or ethical code.

It is your choice to enter a trance state and can be terminated by you at anytime.

So what can be accomplished?

GREAT NEWS! You can accomplish anything you put you

mind to…

Weight loss.   Reprograms eating habits such as releasing the desire for problem foods. Motivates for exercise and weight maintenance.

Smoking.  Eliminates the smoking habit.

Stress.  Techniques to reduce or eliminate stress, promotes relaxation.  Reprogram specific behavior patterns.

Depression.  Overrides the negative thoughts that may contribute to depression or sadness.

Phobias.  Eliminates the fear of something, such as plane travel, elevators, crowds, and the dark. Removing triggers Etc…

Sleep.   Restructure pre-bed time mental activity. Breaks bad night time habits.

Anxiety and Panic.   Eliminate thoughts that produce panic attacks.

Child Abuse.   Releases negative patterns, increases feelings of self worth, and heals the inner child.

Learning.  Improves study habits, enhances memory.